The Župank Homestead

In the second half of November 1944 German military forces carried out an offensive against Lacko’s Detachment in the Kozjak area. Soldiers of the 3rd battalion had stopped to spend the night at the Župank homestead in Sveti Janž above Radlje on 23rd November 1944, when they were suddenly surrounded and attacked by a German military unit. Veterans’ organisation of the Radlje ob Dravi Municipality erected a memorial next to the homestead in 1983 to honour the seven partisans who lost their life in the attack. In cooperation with our museum a permanent collection about the National Liberation Movement (NOG) in the Kozjak area and about Lacko’s Detachment was put on display in the residential building of the homestead in 1984. In 2008 the collection was removed due its poor state, whereas the exhibition area is still used for occasional exhibitions.

The Župank homestead is currently in the process of renovation, and has already been partly renovated by the Radlje ob Dravi Municipality in collaboration with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, unit Maribor. An updated museum collection about World War II in the Kozjak area and about Lacko’s Detachment is planned for display in the homestead’s renovated exhibition area once the new museum unit in Radlje is established.



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