Smithery and Firefighting Museum in Muta

The museum was founded in 1973 and is located in the Muta municipal building (address Glavni trg 17), formerly known as the Kienhofen mansion and built by Žiga Dietrichstein at the beginning of the 16th century. In 1899 the mansion was purchased by the St. Cyril and Methodius Society, and a school was opened there a year later. 650 artefacts are exhibited in the museum. All the artefacts and materials, gathered mostly in the Muta municipality, are arranged into four collections: the smithery-foundry collection, collection of ethnological objects, the firefighting and the culture-historical collection.

The smithery-foundry collection aims at a comprehensive presentation of the history of smith craft and the iron industry. The collection comprises archival documents, photographic materials, smithery and foundry tools and manufactured goods. The collection is complemented by an open-air museum in front of the building, where a winch, a crane, a water-powered hammer (“repač”) and a saw are displayed.

The collection of ethnological objects was created gradually. It consists of several groups of objects, namely farm tools, pottery, various kitchen utensils etc. Two independent collections of shoemaking and barber tools are interesting components of the museum.

The firefighting collection includes 139 artefacts. The majority were donated by the Muta Firefighting Society. The oldest object is a movable, manually-operated piston pump with a vent, which was manufactured in Leipzig in 1876. In addition to pumps, other firefighting equipment, uniforms and archival materials of the Drava Valley’s Volunteer Firefighting Society (PGD Dravske doline) are also part of the collection.

The culture-historical collection presents Muta’s colourful cultural life at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century through archival and photographic materials about the development of the educational system and the activities of the brass band, school orchestra, singing choir and various other societies.



LOKACIJAGlavni trg 17, Muta
ODPRTOThe museum, except for the Firefighting Museum, is open by appointment.
KONTAKT+386 2 62 12 520 (reception), +386 2 88 79 600 (municipality Muta)
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