Slomšek in Vuzenica (1838 – 1844)

On the first floor of the magnificent Vuzenica parish house a memorial museum has been set up to present, in word and picture, the period from 1838 to 1844 when the now beatified Anton Martin Slomšek was priest of the Vuzenica arch-parish. Results of his work and ambition are still visible: additions to the building and the Wallner chapel, renovation of the parish house, the church in Primož and the Church of the Virgin Mary in Kamen, consecration of the new cemetery in Vuzenica etc. The ambient installation with authentic objects from Slomšek’s time includes the library arranged by Slomšek himself, his desk, bed and other possessions. The most ambitiously arranged room, the former bishop’s room, is decorated with the famous baroque wooden ceiling from 1653, which attracts the visitors’ attention with its varied and picturesque motifs from everyday life in the Baroque era. The room has been partially remodelled and at present provides space for chamber music events.

As a tutor of young theologians at the Lavant theological seminary in Klagenfurt, Anton Martin Slomšek (1800-1864) worked hard for the Slovenian language to be introduced into schools. Due to this activity he was being monitored by German authorities and consequently he applied for a transfer, becoming the dean and arch-priest in Vuzenica on October 27th 1838. He was also appointed district school supervisor. His years in the Vuzenica parish were filled with work in the economic, legal, organisational, spiritual, national, educational and literary fields, as he was a man of immense diligence, life energy, benevolence and at the same time strictness and consistency. His piousness, honesty and humanity soon brought him the admiration of people from near and far, and his famous sermons were wise and educational. During his time in Vuzenica Slomšek also developed his literary abilities: his first published work from the Vuzenica period was Mnemosynon Slavicum – Slovenian Memory, and the most well-known is certainly his educational manual Blaže and Nežica in Sunday School.



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