Museum of Fishing

The Museum of Fishing is located inside the Carinthian Fishing Society’s (“Koroška ribiška družina”) building in the direct vicinity of Dravograd, adjacent to the Drava River. The museum collection presents topics such as the Society’s history, all three rivers of Koroška (Drava, Mislinja and Meža), history of fishery, fish farming (which is essential to the preservation of endangered native fish species and species whose spawning trails have been blocked by hydroelectric power plants), the role of fishing in the past and at present, leisure and economic aspects of sports fishing and the diet of various fish species. Fishermen’s role in nature conservation, especially of riverbanks and riverbeds, is also emphasized.

In addition to various accessories used by fishermen in the past, twenty-five taxidermied fish species (with descriptions added) are exhibited, representing the majority of fresh-water species living in Carinthian and also Slovenian running waters. Numerous displayed trophies and awards won by the Society’s members at various competitions are also worth viewing.

“Ribiški dom” (Fishing House) is situated right next to the Drava River in the direct vicinity of the Dravograd hydroelectric power plant and the remnants of the former railway bridge (built in 1863).

The museum offers professional assistance.



LOKACIJARibiški dom (»Fishing house«), Ribiška pot 11, Dravograd
ODPRTOViewing is possible by prior appointment.
KONTAKT+386 2 62 12 520 (reception), +386 2 62 12 522 (museum office)
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