Museum of Stonecutting, Glassmaking and Forestry

Based on an older project conceived by Darja Zaveršnik a small-scale museum collection was set up by the Carinthian Regional Museum in 2001, and put on display at the Josipdol Culture House. The museum collection mostly consists of shards and glass fragments from the former glassworks that operated in Jospidol and Langesvald from 1799 until 1909. Attention is also paid to the stonecutting trade, which was on the rise after 1880 and provided income for more than three hundred workers in the period between the world wars. Strikes of “pruharji” (dialectal expression for stonemasons) in the 1930s are depicted chronologically, and simple tools used in the past for cutting tonalite stone are displayed. The collection is complemented by an open-air museum, which was set up by the locals themselves and is modelled on the Josipdol Culture-Ethnological Society’s idea. In addition to the displayed glass-making furnace, timber slide (“riža”) and a stonecutter’s hut, local people also offer practical demonstrations of stonemasonry. A machine for production of granite cubes and a charcoal pile areexhibited as well.



LOKACIJACulture House Josipdol, Ribnica na Pohorju
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