The Povh Mill

The Povh mill is one of few preserved structures of this type in municipality Prevalje. Adjacent to the mill, which is situated next to the Šentanel river and alongside the path from Štopar to Zgornja Jamnica, we can see stamp mills and a farmer’s retirement house (“preužitkarska hiša”) called “mumina hiša” (grandmother’s house) in honour of its last resident Marija Klančnik, who lived here until 1968. The mill is a masonry building with a shingle roof (“šitlasta streha”) and three rooms on the ground floor, where the mill, the miller’s room and the workshop are located. The mill’s first mention in the land register dates back to 1845 and it was fully-functional until 1950. The mill was used by the Povh family and local farmers and its wheel last turned in 1976. In the 1970s the mill was already acknowledged as an exceptional cultural monument. In recent years the Naveršnik family have decided for an extensive renovation of not only the mill, but also the stamp mills and the “preužitkarska hiša”. The whole mill complex is now intended for museum and tourist activity.

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LOKACIJA Dolga brda 19, Prevalje
ODPRTO From April to October, viewing is possible by prior appointment.
KONTAKT +386 2 82 33 258, 041 938 478 (Marija Naveršnik)
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