Jakob Soklič (1873- 1972) and the Soklič Collection

For nearly forty years Jakob Soklič played a vital role as custodian of movable cultural heritage, and is thus considered to be the first museum worker in Slovenj Gradec.

Kometri, barons from Pukštajn (1817-1932)

From 16th of December 2016, a permanent exhibition on the noble family Kometer is being held at the Bukovje mansion, which wrote the last major chapter in the history of the Pukštajn lordship (1817-1932).

Ironmaking Museum

Museum interpretation of the former Ravne Ironworks complex represents a great opportunity for expert promotion of industrial heritage in Koroška.

Open storage of Leitinger's collection

The collection of Ferdinand Leitinger, amateur collector from Radlje ob Dravi, includes more than 2,600 items, more than 1,100 books and more than 200 postcards and photographs of Radlje.

Koroški pokrajinski muzej

About us

The Carinthian Regional Museum is the central museum institution in Koroška carrying out the public service of protecting movable cultural heritage in the twelve municipalities of Koroška, and also cooperating with Slovenes in Austrian Carinthia through special programmes. Our mission and collection policies are centred on protecting, collecting, studying, presenting, popularizing and preservingiron industry, mining and other technical heritage, ethnological heritage and local vernacular culture, as well as collecting art and culture-historical materials from all periods. A special emphasis is laid on protecting archaeological heritage, and systematically researching and completing contemporary history collections.



Selected items



Pogled na Celovec/Klagenfurt, 1918



Glavni trg v Beljaku/Villachu, 1916



Panorama Železne Kaple/Eisenkappel, 1914



Pogled na Žitaro vas/Sittersdorf, pisana 27. 4. 1943

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