Educational Services Department

Preserving cultural values and heritage as a treasury of past generations’ experience and creative energy is of immense importance in this time of technological wonders and a ceaseless flow of information. A wide variety of educational activities on offer in museums has become a must, and these informal forms of education have transformed museums into important cultural centres.

In creating educational programmes and planning work with visitors we have now for years adhered to the content of permanent museum installations, have conceived programmes to complement occasional exhibitions and have always kept in mind the demands and wishes of the general public. In addition to an extensive network of guides, the Educational Services Department cooperates with regional educational institutions, prepares offers for lessons and workshops, creates accompanying programme for exhibitions and performances, takes part in preparing lectures, round table discussions, consultations, traditional museum gatherings and events. The department also actively takes part in a variety of international projects.

Liljana Suhodolčan, B.A. (university degree in ethnology and professor of sociology), museum adviser

Lea Knez, mag. prof. zgod., trainee