Department of Cultural and Art History

The department continuously acquires new items of applied arts, and materials telling the story of life, development and main personages of Koroška’s cultural history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Except for the Soklič collection (which is under the department’s expert supervision), the permanent exhibition Counts of Andechs and Slovenj Gradec and the Forma Viva open-air collection the museum does not have a comprehensive culture-historical installation, which is our goal and task for the future.

Other culture-historical collections are stored in depots. The following collections are kept in Ravne: a collection of ceramic tiles, plaster casts of aristocratic coats-of-arms, collection of crucifixes and frames, numismatic collection, pharmacy collection, collection of trophies and awards, collection of stamps and a collection of contemporary works of art (sculptures, paintings and artistic photographs). In Slovenj Gradec the museum houses the Koroški radio collection, Dr. Ljuba Prenner collection, legacy of academically-trained sculptor Rade Nikolič, collection of photographer Maks Kunc and the Cajnko collection on the history of sport.

Aleksandra Čas, B.A. (university degree in art history), senior curator