Documentation Department

The museum’s documentation activity had an independent course of development from the foundation of both museums in the 1950s to their merger in 2002. Since that date the manner of organising museum documentation has been jointly coordinated.

The department collects, organises and studies documentation pertaining to museum objects, looks after the museum’s photo archive (which holds a wide variety of photographs, negatives, diapositives and digital images collected throughout Koroška) and strives for systematic completion and oversight of the collection of postcards from various places of Slovenian and Austrian Carinthia (mid-1800s onwards). The department also organises and studies acquired archival materials, which are, like all other materials in the museum, available to a wide range of outside users.

The extensive collections of photographs include: photos from the old Yugoslavia period, World War II photos, museum items photos, photos of events and activities at the museum, photo collection of built heritage in Koroška, and a collection of old original photos.

Valerija Grabner, B.A. (university degree in history and professor of sociology), museum adviser

Roman Haber, M.A. in Administrative Science, Assistant Director