Conservation and Restoration Department

Restoration-conservation workshops represent an important and necessary part of the museum service, as they are the first in line to enable preservation of museum materials. Beginnings of restoration activity in Koroška date back to 1969 when Jože Glavica, a part-time associate of the Proletarian Museum in Ravne na Koroškem, started his work on museum items. Until the establishment of the workshops some restoration and conservation was done at other museums and the former Institute for Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Maribor.

The setting up of two workshops in Podgorje near Slovenj Gradec and Ravne happened in 1995 and 1998 respectively. The workshop within the framework of Podgorje museum depots – intended for restoration of wooden ethnological objects, traditional and period furniture, restoration and conservation of arts and crafts metals – was equipped in accordance with all requirements. In 2002 the workshop in Ravne also received equipment for restoration of arts and crafts metals, ceramics and partially-wooden objects. Since 2009 both workshops have worked jointly with all available equipment (that has in recent years been upgraded to also allow for archaeological metals restoration at the Ravne unit).

In the field of conservation-restoration services our museum cooperates with other institutions in exchanging knowledge and experience, and takes part in consultations, lectures, meetings and various training.

Vanja Ferk – metallurgy technician, autonomous conservation-restoration technician

Aleš Senica – economics technician, autonomous conservation-restoration technician