Department of History

The history department’s main tasks are keeping records, collecting, processing and making available the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, with an emphasis on scientific processing and publishing of materials connected to different historical periods and issues concerning Koroška. Other historians employed at museum’s other departments occasionally cooperate with the Department of History, and on occasion historians working within the framework of public works and other forms of temporary employment also take part in our activities. A lot has been done in the field of researching contemporary local history and publishing the findings. Quite a few occasional exhibitions have been set up, the exhibitions Between the Swastika and the Red Star (a Slovenian-Austrian project) as well as And What is the Price of Freedom (which deals with the end of World War II in Koroška) being the most resonating in recent years. The museum has also hosted several historical exhibitions from other museums. Permanent exhibitions of the history department are the Gestapo prisons in Dravograd, the Pauček partisan hospitals in Legen and the exhibition And What is the Price of Freedom: End of World War II in Koroška located at the memorial park in Poljana near Prevalje. The department also takes part in protecting, preserving and presenting other historical collections: the Županek homestead above Radlje, Tevakin partisan hospital on Kozjak and the Svoboda partisan hospital above Vuzenica. The department has acquired a rich collection of archival materials, a photo archive and approximately 2,500 objects, primarily from the contemporary era

Marjan Linasi, Ph.D (university degree in history), museum councillor

Alenka Verdinek, B.A. (university degree in comparative literature and history), senior curator