Forum of Slavic Cultures – Radlje ob Dravi


In ten Years of its existence, the Forum of Slavic Cultures has grown into a referential global platform for intercultural dialogue of Slavic cultures. In joint cultural, educational and research projects, in partner networks in thirteen member countries of the Forum, we get to know how the soul of Slavic nations is similar and also frequently rather different when it meets the soul of Germanic or Anglo-Saxon cultures. These similarities and differences are the charm and oftentimes a stimulus for even more intensive innervation of creativity of Slavic and other cultures.

One of such stimuli is reflected in the partnership with the Radlje ob Dravi Municipality. At the border of Slovenia and Austria, two world cultures meet – Germanic and Slavic. Among the valleys and woods of thePohorje Massif, in the everyday life of villages and towns, it becomes obvious who we are, what is our identity, what makes us similar and different. Local communities are the core of cultural identity and a basis for weaving new cooperation networks. Therefore the Forum of Slavic Cultures has decided to open its first local cultural centre in the Slavic and European area right in the town of Radlje obDravi. In cooperation with the town, viz. the Radlje obDravi Museum, the local branch of the Slovenian Public Fund for Cultural Activities, and the Radlje obDravi Municipality we are starting to link small local communities with great artists. The latter open the door for local communities to international area, while they themselves can feel the pulse of the Slavic heart and reveal the mysteries of the Slavic soul.

mag. Andreja Rihter
Director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures