Cultural Monuments of the Radlje ob Dravi Municipality

The trails in the Radlje ob Dravi municipality will lead you to numerous cultural monuments and present you the abundant of cultural heritage. From prehistoric times to the present days, the local inhabitants shaped the area of Radlje ob Dravi with their hard work and creations. Some remnants got lost along the way; however, some are still very much alive. Our mission, as well as our social responsibility, is to identify such remnants and develop a conscience about their meaning and values and strive to preserve them.
In 2014, the Radlje ob Dravi Municipality adopted a decision to mark immovable cultural property and other important cultural heritage. The castle ruins and Manor House Mahrenberg, Dominican monastery, numerous churches down the valley and up on the surrounding hillsides, landmarks and other buildings contribute to the visibility of Radlje ob Dravi. Due to the marking process such landmarks also became better recognised among locals, visitors and tourists. They also help to educate people about the history and characteristics of the heritage.

The cultural monuments are marked pursuant to the Rules on Marking Cultural Monuments, adopted in 2011. According to this Rules, all cultural monuments in the local community of Radlje and all churches in the Radlje ob Dravi municipality were marked.

The project also included the publication of the guide to the marked cultural monuments and cultural heritage in the Radlje ob Dravi municipality.

The project involved the cooperation of Radlje ob Dravi Municipality, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Maribor Regional Office, Carinthian Regional Museum, Radlje ob Dravi Museum, local community of Radlje ob Dravi and Radlje Tourist Society.

Cultural monuments:
Radlje ob Dravi Municipality – Mahrenberg Manor House 
Radlje ob Dravi – Calvary
Radlje ob Dravi – The Monument at Koroška cesta
Radlje ob Dravi – Ruins of the Mahrenberg castle 
Radlje ob Dravi – Dominican Monastery
Radlje ob Dravi – St. Michael’s Church
Radlje ob Dravi – Column of the Virgin Mary
Radelca – St. Urban’s Church
Radelca – St. Pancratius Church
Remšnik – St. George’s Church
Sveti Anton na Pohorju – Church of St. Anton of Padova
Sveti Trije Kralji nad Radljami – Church of the Holy Three Kings
Št. Janž pri Radljah – Church of St. John of Nepomuk
Vuhred – St. Laurence’s Church
Zgornja Vižinga – Church of St. Gilles
Zgornja Vižinga – Chapel in the Field
Radlje ob Dravi – House, 1 Mariborska Street
Radlje ob Dravi – House, 20 Mariborska Street
Radlje ob Dravi – Rosenhof
Radlje ob Dravi – Hayrack at Maistrova Street
Št. Janž pri Radljah – Župank Homestead