The Prežihov Voranc cottage – 30 Years (1979 – 2009)

This memorial and ethnological monument was remodelled in collaboration with prominent members of Slovenian cultural life, the Slovene Writers’ Association, Slavic Society of Slovenia, Cultural Community of Slovenia, the Ravne na Koroškem Cultural Community, representatives from Kotlje and with assistance from numerous Slovenian primary and high schools. Celebrations honouring the Prežihov Voranc memorial museum’s opening and the unveiling of his statue (created by academically-trained sculptor Stojan Batič) were carried out under the title “Prežihov Voranc Festivities ‘79”.

In 2008 the Ravne na Koroškem Municipality renovated the roof, both basement rooms were enlarged and a new road leading to the cottage was constructed. A permanent exhibition chronologically presenting events that took place at the cottage during the memorial museum’s 30 years of existence has been set up in the basement area.
The exhibition displayed on six information boards (Prežihov Voranc Cottage and Voranc’s Trail, Visitors, Events between 1979 – 2009) is a chronological depiction of the cottage before its renovation and the efforts to establish a memorial museum. Events carried out during “Prežihov Voranc Festivities” from October 11th to 13th 1979, when the memorial museum was opened to the public, are also presented. The memorial museum is one of the most popular cultural and tourist sights of Koroška and is incorporated into the Voranc’s Trail – a cultural route leading us in the footsteps of Prežihov Voranc’s life in Koroška. In the 30 years since its opening to the public the Prežihov Voranc cottage has had more than 280,000 visitors. The exhibition puts a special emphasis on events taking place at the cottage on the memorial museum’s 20th anniversary, 40th anniversary of the Reading Badge competition, 110th anniversary of Prežihov Voranc’s birth, on diploma papers dealing with the Prežihov Voranc cottage and on traditional gatherings organised every year on August 10th, the writer’s birthday.
In collaboration with municipal authorities a new project for a future museum installation in the barn next to the cottage (bought by the municipality in 2010) has been prepared. Although the barn’s renovation has not yet been carried out, it has already been decided that the installation will comprise ethnological, literary and memorial contents about traditional peasant life, presentations of farm work, peasant customs and traditions pertaining to farm work and the seasons, the life and creative path of Voranc and his family, the Prežihov Voranc Reading Badge competition and illustrations of his literary characters.



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OpenOpen: May 1st to October 15th, Tuesday - Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00, Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00; in case of prior arrangement tours for groups possible outside opening hours

LocationLocation: Preški Vrh 13, Kotlje